Wednesday, July 7, 2010


there were never such devoted sisters...

anyone LOVE White Christmas as much as I do?!? I am sure the girls are going to hate the song and maybe the movie because the song frequently pops into my head when I think about my girls having "sisters"!  I just had the brother who I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China but I didn't have a "sister" until well into my 20's so I look forward to watching this little sisterly relationship grow!  Most of the time it is preciously sweet but sometimes...  well like this afternoon when Hadley poked Audrey in the eye!  I mean I don't think it was malicious but still we had to have a talk. 

Anyway, these are some pictures we took over the weekend. This was Audrey's first time in the swing on the porch; so sad I haven't had her out in it yet!  But since she has been sitting up well it has just been so dang hot!  Then, Audrey has been out of her bath sling for some time now but we just finally got our act together and got pictures of both "big girls" in the tub!  They aren't the best pictures but i had to crop due to personally imposed "decency restrictions".  Do you think we caught Audrey off guard in the first one and do you think she wonders why she is getting poked in the second one?!?

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