Saturday, July 10, 2010

precious prayers

so for audrey's dedication at church, jay's sweet aunt buddy sent the girls each a copy of the book "give me grace". hadley really took to it but she simply calls it prayers. it starts with 2 pages of flowers and simply "monday" then the next 2 pages have a prayer and illustration for monday's prayer and the book continues this way through the whole week, ending with a simple "amen". well, one night before bed hadley was "reading" it and jay ran to get the camera to grab this little "moment of life"!

well the book is just precious! tuesday for example says something like "tuesday teach me faith and caring. teach me wisdom, teach me sharing"...that is from memory so i don't think it is exactly right but it's close. anyway, i can't wait until audrey can also read this little book of "small conversations" with her heavenly father and for hadley to actually be able to read the words. thank you aunt buddy for such a special treasure!

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  1. Well, that just tops them all on the precious meter!!! But when did she learn to read Chinese?? With all our love from Pops and Grammy