Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello, ice cream snickers!

that is right sweet readers...these are pictures of hadley eating a mini ice cream snickers bar!   
poor audrey in the background wondering what all the fuss is about...

how is this possible you ask?!? well, early last week hadley got her hands on some "contraband" (ie. hamburger bun with milk in it) that jay brought home from work and took a big bite before i saw her! dr. patton, h's allergist, had told me back in april we could try and introduce milk and see what would happen. i was not especially looking forward to the exercise; i mean i REALLY wanted her to outgrow this at some point but there was just so much else going on at the time i put it off and thought we'd address it sometime this summer.  so summer rolls around but jay and i talked about it and decided to wait until fall maybe. she was still having some eczema outbreaks and i though was fairly certain most of them centered around non milk causes, i didn't have actual proof. so after little miss piggie ate that bread i decided what the heck...if she is going to break out from the bread let's make it a good one and be sure that it is from milk and no other cause. so last wednesday morning we started on straight milk and have been cruising our way through dairy products since with not one problem!  of course after about 18 months of vanilla soy milk, she doesn't have a great interest in regular old vitamin d milk but i have been mixing it in and also giving her other dairy foods. 

it really is the little joys in life...

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