Thursday, July 8, 2010


the beauty of having a neighbor that puts on a "professional" fireworks show is that you are at home and can enjoy the festivities without travel or messing up the girls much. all that to say, audrey is not in a single picture because my poor child who loves her sleep was in the bed; who was i to deny her! i mean she likes to be in bed by 8 and fireworks weren't over until 930 but i digress.  some sweet friends came over and brought their little man who is a "friend" of hadley's.  mitchell and hadley had a wonderful time playing and enjoying the fireworks!

i wish i could tell you what she was talking about...

this picture makes it look so much more dangerous than it was.
yes, we let our 2 year old play with sparklers! 
don't call dhr...we let her do it last year too! 

i tried to capture an "excited" face but this was what the camera caught!  can you tell the poor girl has her mother's hair...she doesn't have a prayer and may move to a drier climate when she is old enough but i hope she doesn't leave her mommy and daddy and go that far away because Lord knows there is no humidity free weather around here!

talking about the "show" with daddy
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