Monday, July 19, 2010

bye, bye pampers...

it is sad to see you go.

however with two girls in diapers now for almost 9 months i am tired of seeing the "diaper bill" at about $40/box! yikes! i tried luvs and huggies after hadley was born; i got some huggies as a gift and tried luvs when we were having all of those newborn leaks; but they just didn't compare. so we have just been paying for it and i sigh every time i enter a diaper receipt. then recently, at a girls dinner, we were all discussing diapers and i was told luvs had "upgraded" their tabs and i had also heard some good things about target brand. well, babies r us does this thing when you buy 9 boxes of diapers that you get a free box but you can only redeem every 9 months and with both girls i get to 9 boxes pretty fast and was not getting any "credit" for my current diaper purchases so i decided it was time to branch out. afterall trying a package of luvs and target was going to cost me less than $15 so i thought the experiment would be worth the cost.

here is what i found... yes, luvs has upgraded their tabs and they are no longer "scotch tape" but the diaper itself is still plasticy and just icky! i still don't like them and what ones audrey does use will just be sent to mother's day out since they change her so often there; we will not be using them at home.

target on the other hand is a winner in our house! they are super cute with little green and blue polka dots (hadley even asks to wear the circle diapers) and i find them comparable to the pampers cruisers. now i do have to add that if the girls were in swaddlers i would continue fork out the money for pampers as they are softer and i prefer them to any other. so we have made the switch and this will cut the amount of money we spend on diapers in half!

what will we do with the savings?!?!?

seeing that i was not going to be purchasing any more pampers, i decided to cash in the 4600 gifts to grow reward points and get the girls each a toy.

audrey with her "follow along fred"

hadley with her new "farm animal sounds puzzle"
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  1. Oh, wow! Great to know. I, too, like Pampers the best, but don't like the cost. We are still on shower gifted Huggies, but when I am out of those, I will try the Target brand. Thanks for the info! :)

  2. it was a rambling post but i knew someone would find it useful!