Tuesday, July 27, 2010

are they twins?

so i am told when justin and i were younger, much younger...like almost 30 years younger than we are today, that people often asked if we were twins. i always thought that must have been because we looked so much alike; we were certainly similar in size being only 16 months apart and since justin was a beast! but now, having two little ones of my own, i don't know what to make of it.

these are pictures of the girls taken at roughly 9 to 10 months old.  do they look alike to you?!?!?  it is almost a stretch, to me, to look at these pictures and tell they are even related!  is that because i am their mother and look at them all day, every day so i see every little difference?

though i will say i am starting to see that though hadley looks like her daddy she has her poor mother's white skin and though audrey looks like me she has her daddy's darker complexion.  in my opinion, a lovely mix of two parents who adore them!

ok...so i just looked at these pictures after i posted and realized it was kind of funny because it looks like audrey has this mouthful of teeth!  truth be told the poor child only has 2 and hadley looks like she has none but she had 8 at this point and was eating steak! 
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  1. Hi Sara! Your girls are too precious!! I'm so jealous of Hadley's hair. I wanted at least one of my kiddos to be a red head, but no luck. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well.

    It is funny you should mention this because I've been getting the same question about Lee and Courtney Jr. lately. Granted, Lee is small for his age (4) and Jr. is big for her's (2), it still surprises me when people ask if they are twins. I guess it is different for people that don't see them everyday, but anyone who hears them speak should surely know the difference. Lee fancies himself a master orator while Jr. is still working out issues from her tongue surgery.

  2. I can definitely tell their sisters! They have the same cute nose! Just adorable ;)