Monday, July 26, 2010

9 months already?!?

so honestly...where did the last 9 months go?!?  audrey, i simply can't believe how quickly you have grown!

i thought since we had a dr appointment this morning i would take a minute to update y'all on what little miss is doing...
her current "stats" 17lb 14.5oz and 28.5in!  in our minds she is so much bigger than hadley was at this age but...i'll address that later.  according to dr. h, she is not quite average when it comes to "gross motor skills" (for instance she isn't crawling) but doing great with her "fine motor skills" (can pick up small objects and the like).  around here we don't think of anything as "lacking" though, just laid back as we have decided our girls do things when they are good and ready (Lord help us all)!  and i prefer to think that laid back attitude comes from my "mellowing" with one has to chime in if they do not agree with that.

anyway, back to the point.  for those of you who have been around audrey during a waking moment or tried to talk to me on the phone, you know her verbal skills are anything but lacking!  she is pretty content to watch the world (i.e. hadley) run past her but she is really taking interest in getting to things in a more conventional way.  for info on her "unconventional ways" check out this recent post.  she is also trying to roll more but really only when it is not such a good idea; like when on the changing table or on the table at the dr's office this morning!  she rolled over once a while back but has had little interest and who can blame her when she has hadley...  but anyway i think we are going to have a very active little girl on our hands very soon!

these are some pictures i took earlier of my little "pre crawler"

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