Tuesday, July 27, 2010

are they twins?

so i am told when justin and i were younger, much younger...like almost 30 years younger than we are today, that people often asked if we were twins. i always thought that must have been because we looked so much alike; we were certainly similar in size being only 16 months apart and since justin was a beast! but now, having two little ones of my own, i don't know what to make of it.

these are pictures of the girls taken at roughly 9 to 10 months old.  do they look alike to you?!?!?  it is almost a stretch, to me, to look at these pictures and tell they are even related!  is that because i am their mother and look at them all day, every day so i see every little difference?

though i will say i am starting to see that though hadley looks like her daddy she has her poor mother's white skin and though audrey looks like me she has her daddy's darker complexion.  in my opinion, a lovely mix of two parents who adore them!

ok...so i just looked at these pictures after i posted and realized it was kind of funny because it looks like audrey has this mouthful of teeth!  truth be told the poor child only has 2 and hadley looks like she has none but she had 8 at this point and was eating steak! 
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Monday, July 26, 2010

9 months already?!?

so honestly...where did the last 9 months go?!?  audrey, i simply can't believe how quickly you have grown!

i thought since we had a dr appointment this morning i would take a minute to update y'all on what little miss is doing...
her current "stats" 17lb 14.5oz and 28.5in!  in our minds she is so much bigger than hadley was at this age but...i'll address that later.  according to dr. h, she is not quite average when it comes to "gross motor skills" (for instance she isn't crawling) but doing great with her "fine motor skills" (can pick up small objects and the like).  around here we don't think of anything as "lacking" though, just laid back as we have decided our girls do things when they are good and ready (Lord help us all)!  and i prefer to think that laid back attitude comes from my "mellowing" with age...no one has to chime in if they do not agree with that.

anyway, back to the point.  for those of you who have been around audrey during a waking moment or tried to talk to me on the phone, you know her verbal skills are anything but lacking!  she is pretty content to watch the world (i.e. hadley) run past her but she is really taking interest in getting to things in a more conventional way.  for info on her "unconventional ways" check out this recent post.  she is also trying to roll more but really only when it is not such a good idea; like when on the changing table or on the table at the dr's office this morning!  she rolled over once a while back but has had little interest and who can blame her when she has hadley...  but anyway i think we are going to have a very active little girl on our hands very soon!

these are some pictures i took earlier of my little "pre crawler"

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

hello, ice cream snickers!

that is right sweet readers...these are pictures of hadley eating a mini ice cream snickers bar!   
poor audrey in the background wondering what all the fuss is about...

how is this possible you ask?!? well, early last week hadley got her hands on some "contraband" (ie. hamburger bun with milk in it) that jay brought home from work and took a big bite before i saw her! dr. patton, h's allergist, had told me back in april we could try and introduce milk and see what would happen. i was not especially looking forward to the exercise; i mean i REALLY wanted her to outgrow this at some point but there was just so much else going on at the time i put it off and thought we'd address it sometime this summer.  so summer rolls around but jay and i talked about it and decided to wait until fall maybe. she was still having some eczema outbreaks and i though was fairly certain most of them centered around non milk causes, i didn't have actual proof. so after little miss piggie ate that bread i decided what the heck...if she is going to break out from the bread let's make it a good one and be sure that it is from milk and no other cause. so last wednesday morning we started on straight milk and have been cruising our way through dairy products since with not one problem!  of course after about 18 months of vanilla soy milk, she doesn't have a great interest in regular old vitamin d milk but i have been mixing it in and also giving her other dairy foods. 

it really is the little joys in life...

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Monday, July 19, 2010

bye, bye pampers...

it is sad to see you go.

however with two girls in diapers now for almost 9 months i am tired of seeing the "diaper bill" at about $40/box! yikes! i tried luvs and huggies after hadley was born; i got some huggies as a gift and tried luvs when we were having all of those newborn leaks; but they just didn't compare. so we have just been paying for it and i sigh every time i enter a diaper receipt. then recently, at a girls dinner, we were all discussing diapers and i was told luvs had "upgraded" their tabs and i had also heard some good things about target brand. well, babies r us does this thing when you buy 9 boxes of diapers that you get a free box but you can only redeem every 9 months and with both girls i get to 9 boxes pretty fast and was not getting any "credit" for my current diaper purchases so i decided it was time to branch out. afterall trying a package of luvs and target was going to cost me less than $15 so i thought the experiment would be worth the cost.

here is what i found... yes, luvs has upgraded their tabs and they are no longer "scotch tape" but the diaper itself is still plasticy and just icky! i still don't like them and what ones audrey does use will just be sent to mother's day out since they change her so often there; we will not be using them at home.

target on the other hand is a winner in our house! they are super cute with little green and blue polka dots (hadley even asks to wear the circle diapers) and i find them comparable to the pampers cruisers. now i do have to add that if the girls were in swaddlers i would continue fork out the money for pampers as they are softer and i prefer them to any other. so we have made the switch and this will cut the amount of money we spend on diapers in half!

what will we do with the savings?!?!?

seeing that i was not going to be purchasing any more pampers, i decided to cash in the 4600 gifts to grow reward points and get the girls each a toy.

audrey with her "follow along fred"

hadley with her new "farm animal sounds puzzle"
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Monday, July 12, 2010


irony: -noun an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.

ironic: -adjective containing or exemplifying irony - as in: "Does anybody else find it ironic that Jay visited a library and got a library card before Sara after living in Mobile for 7 years together."

(He also figured out how to post to a blog when a certain someone stays logged in to her account!! Bwuuuuhhahahahahahahahahah!!)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

uncle justin says

that hadley is "ocd"...i think she just likes to organize! this is what i found in her room one night before bath time recently. she had quite a stash! i tried to get two pictures that would best show that these things stretched from one side of her room to the other but it was bath time and a bit hectic around here so i didn't have time to worry with proper composition of my photos.

ok and maybe he can say that she is a bit "different"?  after putting audrey down for a nap the other day, this is how i find the child in the den.  and yes those are my dish gloves on her FEET!  if nothing else she keeps us laughing! sorry the pictures are dark; i had to snap them before she yanked them back off so i thought dark pictures were better than no pictures!
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Saturday, July 10, 2010

precious prayers

so for audrey's dedication at church, jay's sweet aunt buddy sent the girls each a copy of the book "give me grace". hadley really took to it but she simply calls it prayers. it starts with 2 pages of flowers and simply "monday" then the next 2 pages have a prayer and illustration for monday's prayer and the book continues this way through the whole week, ending with a simple "amen". well, one night before bed hadley was "reading" it and jay ran to get the camera to grab this little "moment of life"!

well the book is just precious! tuesday for example says something like "tuesday teach me faith and caring. teach me wisdom, teach me sharing"...that is from memory so i don't think it is exactly right but it's close. anyway, i can't wait until audrey can also read this little book of "small conversations" with her heavenly father and for hadley to actually be able to read the words. thank you aunt buddy for such a special treasure!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Audrey is...

...wait for it...MOBILE! now i realize this is not a traditional way of learning to move around but i've decided there is not a whole lot that my children are going to do the "traditional way". i started to make this a "silent film" but i all that is going on in the background is what it is about around here and decided to leave it. so without futher adieu...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


the beauty of having a neighbor that puts on a "professional" fireworks show is that you are at home and can enjoy the festivities without travel or messing up the girls much. all that to say, audrey is not in a single picture because my poor child who loves her sleep was in the bed; who was i to deny her! i mean she likes to be in bed by 8 and fireworks weren't over until 930 but i digress.  some sweet friends came over and brought their little man who is a "friend" of hadley's.  mitchell and hadley had a wonderful time playing and enjoying the fireworks!

i wish i could tell you what she was talking about...

this picture makes it look so much more dangerous than it was.
yes, we let our 2 year old play with sparklers! 
don't call dhr...we let her do it last year too! 

i tried to capture an "excited" face but this was what the camera caught!  can you tell the poor girl has her mother's hair...she doesn't have a prayer and may move to a drier climate when she is old enough but i hope she doesn't leave her mommy and daddy and go that far away because Lord knows there is no humidity free weather around here!

talking about the "show" with daddy
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


there were never such devoted sisters...

anyone LOVE White Christmas as much as I do?!? I am sure the girls are going to hate the song and maybe the movie because the song frequently pops into my head when I think about my girls having "sisters"!  I just had the brother who I wouldn't trade for all the tea in China but I didn't have a "sister" until well into my 20's so I look forward to watching this little sisterly relationship grow!  Most of the time it is preciously sweet but sometimes...  well like this afternoon when Hadley poked Audrey in the eye!  I mean I don't think it was malicious but still we had to have a talk. 

Anyway, these are some pictures we took over the weekend. This was Audrey's first time in the swing on the porch; so sad I haven't had her out in it yet!  But since she has been sitting up well it has just been so dang hot!  Then, Audrey has been out of her bath sling for some time now but we just finally got our act together and got pictures of both "big girls" in the tub!  They aren't the best pictures but i had to crop due to personally imposed "decency restrictions".  Do you think we caught Audrey off guard in the first one and do you think she wonders why she is getting poked in the second one?!?

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Friday, July 2, 2010

take me out to the ballgame!

last night the mcfarland girls experienced their first baseball game! they both had a good time and so did we! some friends of ours were nice enough to share their suite with us and i think that is the only way to do a baseball game; for now! hadley had a great time playing with "the boys"...most of our friends have boys only so she spends more play dates with boys than girls...and she was absolutely filthy when it was time to go home. now i must admit i saw VERY LITTLE of the actual game but the fellowship was nice and it was nice to take the girls to something different! the game from the night before had been cancelled due to rain and i think if it were not for the double header it would have been hard to get jay to leave before fireworks so thank the good lord we weren't out until after 10!

one funny thing was that hadley had an ABSOLUTE meltdown when we walked in...i mean she just broke down! "hold you" and all of that and was holding on to my neck for dear life and crying so hard that she was having trouble catching her breath; did i say this was funny?!? well it was to us! she was apparently scared of "bay bear" (the mascot) and his "loud" dance music! she is our "dance" child so we were totally thrown by this little charade. she was fine after he was out of sight...silly girl!

family photo op

watching the game

with mac and parker getting some peanuts from forrest

getting more peanuts from daddy!  did i mention she was ALL about the peanuts?!?

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