Friday, June 18, 2010

when daddy is away

hadley is allowed to "roam" in her diaper...
(on a ride with tigger and ernie)

we make audrey MISERABLE trying to get her to work on jay's father's day gift... (look at those red, tear filled eyes)

but oh how quickly she smiles again!

and girls give the sweetest hugs!

hadley didn't want clothes this morning so i just let her be and she played so hard! riding her "car" with tigger on the front and poor ernie only "holding on" by his little feet. i tried desperately to get audrey's footprints in paint (i did one of hadley's for jay's first father's day) and my laid back/whatever goes child wanted none of it! so unlike her to pitch fits but she was just so unhappy about it; it took me two separate times and i am not totally, 100% thrilled but i can add more "feet" if i feel like it needs it.
then after i got audrey all cleaned up hadley started hugging on was priceless and precious and i just hate i couldn't get a better shot.
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