Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a new development...

well here i am. i could be washing the the two pots currently taking up space in my kitchen sink but what fun is that!?! none; absolutely none.  i'd rather be sharing the big news...we have teeth! or a tooth i should say...i don't know how excited i "should" be about this but i am PUMPED! for those of you who don't know or don't remember, hadley had just shy of 8 teeth at this point in life so i am thrilled audrey has her first!  at just over 9 months old we gave hadley her first bites of steak...i was thinking if audrey didn't cut teeth until after a year old then i would not have a clue what to feed her!

i also have to add that you would have hardly known she was cutting teeth if you only had her mood to go by. don't get me wrong, she has had a few rough moments here and there but they could totally be attributed to a hundred other things! just a precious little bundle!

the pictures below are from this past weekend when we gave audrey her first "wagon wheel".

it is like she wonders why i am taking her picture!  doesn't she know this is HUGE!

hmm..now what is this again?

i'll take another bite!
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