Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little music "man"

i just have to share one of my favorite things right now...hadley's singing!  with two girls at this age there are tons of favorites but this is the one on my mind tonight.  i love how she dances and claps along to cd's in the car with me like guster, broken bells and dave matthews last cd (that one was her FAVORITE for too long so i am really trying to get her branched back out) just to name a few.  but my absolute favorite is when she sings along to "jesus loves me".  she doesn't have it all down word for word but she hums what she doesn't sing and just goes right along with you; just melts your heart.  i did like when she wanted to sing "if you're happy and you know it" but last week on a walk my ipod battery died and i had to sing it for almost 15 minutes straight and so i am a bit over it at the moment!  i kept offering other songs and she continued to reply "happy"...oh well...i survived and she loved every minute of it!  i guess i need to FINALLY learn to play the guitar my dad bought me nearly 13 years ago so one day i can teach my girls how to play a bit...i guess jay remembers a bit from the old bass! because it looks like we have at least one musical child on our hand!  hopefully audrey will follow suit...we took her to all those concerts when i was pregnant so here is to hoping!  it is nice to be able to listen to "adult" music in the car and on trips instead of "itsy bitsy spider" over and over again!  though i do remember a trip last summer after carter was born and hadley and were coming back from birmingham by ourselves and i listened to two feist songs over and over because she cried every time they were over! 

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