Sunday, June 13, 2010

hadley and "girl"

this afternoon, i had one of those moments when i realized "the 2 year old" had wandered off! i was sticking close to the exersaucer in the den because audrey wanted my presence. i called hadley a couple of times and she answered so i knew she wasn't in "too" much trouble and jay found her sitting in the rocker in audrey's room with one of her babies (it is actually my "glow baby" from back in the good old 80's!) so he gave her a book to read and left her to it. i went to check out this precious moment in parenting for myself and there she was reading "the going to bed book" to her glow baby! i had to run and grab the camera; of course she heard me and came following but i asked her if she would crawl back in the chair and read to her baby and this is what i managed to catch on "film". i would also like to add that when asked today what this baby's name was hadley responded "girl"...very imaginative indeed.

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