Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the crab trap!

so i think this was the "4th annual summer reunion at ono" (anyone want to suggest a better name?!?! that will be hard to fit on an airbrush t shirt.) jay and i head to the beach to hang out with some of jay's best friends from auburn and their wonderful wives...i am already ready for 2011!

well, in those 4 years not once have susan and i gone out on the boat in the afternoon to check crab this year we went out with todd (who is nice enough to have us all EVERY summer)! i am sure jay heard us squeal when i pulled up the first one and it had a big catfish in it and he was all the way in the house watching the usa loose to ghana! if he didn't hear that then surely he heard us when we looked at the pregnant crab! ICK! but we both enjoyed ourselves and the "experience" and i am sure todd was wondering what silly "girls" he allowed to go with him! i do think he mentioned while taking our picture he wasn't sure if there had been a photo op on a crab outing before; we are thrilled to be the first! and i must admit those traps are heavier than i expected! check out susan's blog for more pictures...

more importantly though this weekend was an opportunity to spend time with old friends and just enjoy their company. i "enjoyed" them so much that i almost sprayed them with a mouthful of water a few times when we were all playing a game toghether on saturday night...i mean was on the way to the kitchen sink because i really thought it was going to come right back out. how i adore these times of fellowship and friendship! it was GRAND to get away and i don't remember the last time we kept that kind of schedule...breakfast 10ish, lunch 3ish and dinner around 10! notice how i based the entire day around nothing other than FOOD! i'm not too hard to figure out...

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