Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up...

so we haven't been up to anything exciting this week but just regular old life. i thought i'd share a few pictures before jay and i leave for the beach in the morning!

hadley "assisted" me with some closet cleaning earlier in the week...check out her outfit!

trying on another hat and asking me if i "hear that"...i have no idea what "that" was at this point and i assure you i did not pick out the mismatched slippers and backwards hat she is sporting!

hadley and jay used to watch pti every afternoon when he would get home and yesterday they were all cuddled up watching...when i say used to, i mean when she was audrey's age. that seems so long ago...check out the "bed head"!

and my sweet old acura hit 100k miles yesterday! she turns 5 next month and i just happened to be driving her yesterday on the way back from renewing our tags (have i mentioned to anyone the "new" au tags aren't better than the old ones?!?!?) so when she hit 100k i had to pull over in the parking lot of this little church on my way home and snap a picture; notice the heat! thank you "alabama in june"!

hope everyone has had a MARVELOUS week...good around here! though i will say i am in need of the break the beach should be providing for the next couple of days. audrey is too busy trying to take in life to take her bottles and hadley is messing with us and potty training so i am slightly frustrated at times and really looking forward to some strictly adult interaction and catching up with old friends...not that i won't miss my girls TERRIBLY! and i guess it isn't totally adult; good friends are bringing their 10 week old but it is different if you are not the one completely responsible! happy weekend to y'all! i'll check back in after the weekend...unless the girls do something spectacular in the next 15 hours!
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  1. So funny that you took a pic of the odometer...I seriously thought about doing that for the MDX when it turned 100k but I wasn't driving it when it happened. It was only a few hundred miles ago...too bad it turned 7 this mo instead of 5!