Thursday, June 17, 2010

a bummer of an update

first of all..what am i doing up?!?! it is 10 til 11 and i was going to scrub bathrooms as soon as my precious ones were in bed and here i am trapped in blog land pondering life. in my defense i only sat down to the computer because h was playing in her room and asking for me to come in and get her down but i didn't want to go in and drag on the night and i didn't exactly want to call more attention to the fact i was out here not coming in to her requests so i found a quite distraction...i won't even go to what else i could have/should have done but oh well...tis life!

but on to answer the question...why am i even on my computer? aren't you supposed to be in atlanta visiting that precious new bundle of joy?!?! well, tuesday i had a bit of a cold coming on but my gracious sister in law assured me to come on that it was no big deal..... well we all piled in the car yesterday morning and had a most enjoyable trip up; the girls were WONDERFUL travellers and we had a nice lunch at zoes in montgomery and just some of those times i sit back and count my blessings as i look at the 3 wonderful human beings around me. i worked on some christmas jubilee prep and just tried to relax and enjoy each second of "together time" the 4 of us had! so we get to atlanta and pick up jay's rental car that will transport him to and from the plant today and tomorrow so he can work and head to meet little campbell. hadley did not nap at all and audrey took short ones so we were not the best of company but i think they hung in there quite well. the longer we were there the hotter i thought hadley was getting and was trying desperately in my mind to think it was just that she had been outside with pops watching chipmuncks run around in the back yard and that it had been a long day with no nap but you can't deny getting to the hotel and checking a thermometer that read 101.4! oh heavens! you can't actually tell me i just took my children to a house with a newborn and one of them had a FEVER! i still tried to write it off; she did this once before and the next morning was FINE! however, this morning she still had a fever and was up early so the two of us played in the "suite" part of the hotel room while my sleeper child snoozed in the dark bedroom; i was quite jealous of her to be sleeping in that dark room as you see my bedroom is the only one in the house with morning light! anyway, i called jay and we decided it was best to come on home and let the girls be here since we obviously weren't going back to casey's house and he would be working the whole time. so it is a bummer that i didn't get to spend more time with my precious neice and there is not one "cousin" picture to prove my girls even met their newest family!

so i did make my first road trip with both girls today...could have gone slightly better but could have gone much, much, worse! thank my little ladies for being the best troopers they knew how to be and the good Lord for keeping us all safe! now just praying jay will be safe as he travels back to join us tomorrow night...i hope the girls and i can plan a nice father's day weekend for him before he gets back (i hadn't done such since we were planning on being in atlanta through saturday...)

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