Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the crab trap!

so i think this was the "4th annual summer reunion at ono" (anyone want to suggest a better name?!?! that will be hard to fit on an airbrush t shirt.) jay and i head to the beach to hang out with some of jay's best friends from auburn and their wonderful wives...i am already ready for 2011!

well, in those 4 years not once have susan and i gone out on the boat in the afternoon to check crab this year we went out with todd (who is nice enough to have us all EVERY summer)! i am sure jay heard us squeal when i pulled up the first one and it had a big catfish in it and he was all the way in the house watching the usa loose to ghana! if he didn't hear that then surely he heard us when we looked at the pregnant crab! ICK! but we both enjoyed ourselves and the "experience" and i am sure todd was wondering what silly "girls" he allowed to go with him! i do think he mentioned while taking our picture he wasn't sure if there had been a photo op on a crab outing before; we are thrilled to be the first! and i must admit those traps are heavier than i expected! check out susan's blog for more pictures...

more importantly though this weekend was an opportunity to spend time with old friends and just enjoy their company. i "enjoyed" them so much that i almost sprayed them with a mouthful of water a few times when we were all playing a game toghether on saturday night...i mean was on the way to the kitchen sink because i really thought it was going to come right back out. how i adore these times of fellowship and friendship! it was GRAND to get away and i don't remember the last time we kept that kind of schedule...breakfast 10ish, lunch 3ish and dinner around 10! notice how i based the entire day around nothing other than FOOD! i'm not too hard to figure out...

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Monday, June 28, 2010


that is how hadley started telling jay and i "something" yesterday afternoon after we got back from the beach! it just struck us as hilarious! i know i start stories like that sometimes but we have never heard hadley do it and it was precious. i surely missed the girls this weekend but i know they had a blast with pops and grammy. i was a total slacker and took zero pictures but susan did and i have some that definately have to be posted so as soon as i get those, i'll share. we had a WONDERFUL time with old friends and are already looking forward to next year...let's just hope both boats work and we aren't trecking across to lunch with six of us in one boat that should have really only taken maybe 4 of us...good times though!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up...

so we haven't been up to anything exciting this week but just regular old life. i thought i'd share a few pictures before jay and i leave for the beach in the morning!

hadley "assisted" me with some closet cleaning earlier in the week...check out her outfit!

trying on another hat and asking me if i "hear that"...i have no idea what "that" was at this point and i assure you i did not pick out the mismatched slippers and backwards hat she is sporting!

hadley and jay used to watch pti every afternoon when he would get home and yesterday they were all cuddled up watching...when i say used to, i mean when she was audrey's age. that seems so long ago...check out the "bed head"!

and my sweet old acura hit 100k miles yesterday! she turns 5 next month and i just happened to be driving her yesterday on the way back from renewing our tags (have i mentioned to anyone the "new" au tags aren't better than the old ones?!?!?) so when she hit 100k i had to pull over in the parking lot of this little church on my way home and snap a picture; notice the heat! thank you "alabama in june"!

hope everyone has had a MARVELOUS week...good around here! though i will say i am in need of the break the beach should be providing for the next couple of days. audrey is too busy trying to take in life to take her bottles and hadley is messing with us and potty training so i am slightly frustrated at times and really looking forward to some strictly adult interaction and catching up with old friends...not that i won't miss my girls TERRIBLY! and i guess it isn't totally adult; good friends are bringing their 10 week old but it is different if you are not the one completely responsible! happy weekend to y'all! i'll check back in after the weekend...unless the girls do something spectacular in the next 15 hours!
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Monday, June 21, 2010

happy father's day

happy father's day to a man i can't imagine the rest of my days without! the girls and i are so very blessed to have you and i know i thank God for your company each and every day! the girls have so very much to look forward to!

with hadley 3.4.8

with audrey 10.26.9

with the girls 10.26.9

with the girls 4.4.10

and of course a very happy father's day to my dad, my father in law, brother and brother in law (celebrating his very first father's day!)! i love you all and we are all very lucky to have each one of you!
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Friday, June 18, 2010

bear with me

oh and bear with me...i am going to be messing around with the blog to see if i can get it just how i want it so it may look different each time you view for the next little while.

when daddy is away

hadley is allowed to "roam" in her diaper...
(on a ride with tigger and ernie)

we make audrey MISERABLE trying to get her to work on jay's father's day gift... (look at those red, tear filled eyes)

but oh how quickly she smiles again!

and girls give the sweetest hugs!

hadley didn't want clothes this morning so i just let her be and she played so hard! riding her "car" with tigger on the front and poor ernie only "holding on" by his little feet. i tried desperately to get audrey's footprints in paint (i did one of hadley's for jay's first father's day) and my laid back/whatever goes child wanted none of it! so unlike her to pitch fits but she was just so unhappy about it; it took me two separate times and i am not totally, 100% thrilled but i can add more "feet" if i feel like it needs it.
then after i got audrey all cleaned up hadley started hugging on was priceless and precious and i just hate i couldn't get a better shot.
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

a bummer of an update

first of all..what am i doing up?!?! it is 10 til 11 and i was going to scrub bathrooms as soon as my precious ones were in bed and here i am trapped in blog land pondering life. in my defense i only sat down to the computer because h was playing in her room and asking for me to come in and get her down but i didn't want to go in and drag on the night and i didn't exactly want to call more attention to the fact i was out here not coming in to her requests so i found a quite distraction...i won't even go to what else i could have/should have done but oh well...tis life!

but on to answer the question...why am i even on my computer? aren't you supposed to be in atlanta visiting that precious new bundle of joy?!?! well, tuesday i had a bit of a cold coming on but my gracious sister in law assured me to come on that it was no big deal..... well we all piled in the car yesterday morning and had a most enjoyable trip up; the girls were WONDERFUL travellers and we had a nice lunch at zoes in montgomery and just some of those times i sit back and count my blessings as i look at the 3 wonderful human beings around me. i worked on some christmas jubilee prep and just tried to relax and enjoy each second of "together time" the 4 of us had! so we get to atlanta and pick up jay's rental car that will transport him to and from the plant today and tomorrow so he can work and head to meet little campbell. hadley did not nap at all and audrey took short ones so we were not the best of company but i think they hung in there quite well. the longer we were there the hotter i thought hadley was getting and was trying desperately in my mind to think it was just that she had been outside with pops watching chipmuncks run around in the back yard and that it had been a long day with no nap but you can't deny getting to the hotel and checking a thermometer that read 101.4! oh heavens! you can't actually tell me i just took my children to a house with a newborn and one of them had a FEVER! i still tried to write it off; she did this once before and the next morning was FINE! however, this morning she still had a fever and was up early so the two of us played in the "suite" part of the hotel room while my sleeper child snoozed in the dark bedroom; i was quite jealous of her to be sleeping in that dark room as you see my bedroom is the only one in the house with morning light! anyway, i called jay and we decided it was best to come on home and let the girls be here since we obviously weren't going back to casey's house and he would be working the whole time. so it is a bummer that i didn't get to spend more time with my precious neice and there is not one "cousin" picture to prove my girls even met their newest family!

so i did make my first road trip with both girls today...could have gone slightly better but could have gone much, much, worse! thank my little ladies for being the best troopers they knew how to be and the good Lord for keeping us all safe! now just praying jay will be safe as he travels back to join us tomorrow night...i hope the girls and i can plan a nice father's day weekend for him before he gets back (i hadn't done such since we were planning on being in atlanta through saturday...)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

hadley and "girl"

this afternoon, i had one of those moments when i realized "the 2 year old" had wandered off! i was sticking close to the exersaucer in the den because audrey wanted my presence. i called hadley a couple of times and she answered so i knew she wasn't in "too" much trouble and jay found her sitting in the rocker in audrey's room with one of her babies (it is actually my "glow baby" from back in the good old 80's!) so he gave her a book to read and left her to it. i went to check out this precious moment in parenting for myself and there she was reading "the going to bed book" to her glow baby! i had to run and grab the camera; of course she heard me and came following but i asked her if she would crawl back in the chair and read to her baby and this is what i managed to catch on "film". i would also like to add that when asked today what this baby's name was hadley responded "girl"...very imaginative indeed.

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Look at that lovable face! Campbell Joy Rumanek is here! She joined us about 720a yesterday morning; Saturday 6/12. Precious thing weighed 6lb 12 1/2oz and is 20" long. I am happy to report mom and baby are doing great; and dad is doing well too!
Jay has to be in Atlanta for work on Thursday and Friday of this week so we were hoping she would arrive before then so the girls and I can join him on the trip and we can all meet Campbell but now that the time is here...I am dying to be in Atlanta! Campbell, we love you and are sorry we weren't there the minute you entered this world but we will see you on Wednesday and I am sure you'll be tired of us in no time...

da da da

no...i am not referencing that irritating song from long ago! this is audrey's latest and greatest syllable! over the past week she has said it here and there like once and then wouldn't say it again but this weekend she goes on and on so i finally know for sure that she has mastered it! wow! she is growing up so fast...before we know it, she'll be talking like hadley! i am not sure i am ready for her to be all grown up just yet... after church this morning, i was giving her a bottle and thinking how i already missed those "little baby" moments. i love you, audrey! don't grow up too fast.

a little pic from the "yard party" yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hot corn in the summer time

so i've decided that i am getting dorkier with age...but when i was thinking about posting this picture that blog title is what popped into my head! we had some corn this past weekend and hadley ate that whole cob using the little oxo handles and everything. please forgive the fact that one of her FAVORITE new shoes is on the table next to her milk. the child just likes food and for the life of me i can't figure out where she got that! tonight at atlanta bread she ate part of my chicken salad on honey wheat with the tomato and lettuce and everything. now she was SUPER slow about the whole thing because we were sitting by the window and she just really wanted to watch the world go by but she enjoyed it none the less.

in other "mcfarland food news" i made my first homemade "batch" of baby food yesterday. i never did this for hadley but i am tired of paying gerber and so i am doing a bit of research to see if it really saves any money. regardless of the money savings (or lack thereof) it was way easy and i'll definately do it to introduce foods that aren't available in typical baby food. i'll keep y'all posted on my final opinion.

happy wednesday everyone!
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

a little music "man"

i just have to share one of my favorite things right now...hadley's singing!  with two girls at this age there are tons of favorites but this is the one on my mind tonight.  i love how she dances and claps along to cd's in the car with me like guster, broken bells and dave matthews last cd (that one was her FAVORITE for too long so i am really trying to get her branched back out) just to name a few.  but my absolute favorite is when she sings along to "jesus loves me".  she doesn't have it all down word for word but she hums what she doesn't sing and just goes right along with you; just melts your heart.  i did like when she wanted to sing "if you're happy and you know it" but last week on a walk my ipod battery died and i had to sing it for almost 15 minutes straight and so i am a bit over it at the moment!  i kept offering other songs and she continued to reply "happy"...oh well...i survived and she loved every minute of it!  i guess i need to FINALLY learn to play the guitar my dad bought me nearly 13 years ago so one day i can teach my girls how to play a bit...i guess jay remembers a bit from the old bass! because it looks like we have at least one musical child on our hand!  hopefully audrey will follow suit...we took her to all those concerts when i was pregnant so here is to hoping!  it is nice to be able to listen to "adult" music in the car and on trips instead of "itsy bitsy spider" over and over again!  though i do remember a trip last summer after carter was born and hadley and were coming back from birmingham by ourselves and i listened to two feist songs over and over because she cried every time they were over! 

a new development...

well here i am. i could be washing the the two pots currently taking up space in my kitchen sink but what fun is that!?! none; absolutely none.  i'd rather be sharing the big news...we have teeth! or a tooth i should say...i don't know how excited i "should" be about this but i am PUMPED! for those of you who don't know or don't remember, hadley had just shy of 8 teeth at this point in life so i am thrilled audrey has her first!  at just over 9 months old we gave hadley her first bites of steak...i was thinking if audrey didn't cut teeth until after a year old then i would not have a clue what to feed her!

i also have to add that you would have hardly known she was cutting teeth if you only had her mood to go by. don't get me wrong, she has had a few rough moments here and there but they could totally be attributed to a hundred other things! just a precious little bundle!

the pictures below are from this past weekend when we gave audrey her first "wagon wheel".

it is like she wonders why i am taking her picture!  doesn't she know this is HUGE! what is this again?

i'll take another bite!
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