Wednesday, May 26, 2010

some exciting firsts

so i knew audrey moved in her bed but not like hadley used to...  i think jay thought she just laid in one position all night long but finally we caught her!  you can tell she is not crazy about the flash of the camera first thing!  and check out her blankey stuck in her mouth!  i mean she puts it in there and sucks on her thumb with it; like it is wrapped around her thumb...silly girl! 

first time to sit in her high chair for a meal!  sitting up is just not one of the things that keeps her up at night and she has been sort of slack about really doing it so uncle justin brought down carter's bumbo seat so i could feed her in the high chair instead of her bouncer seat.  she has been doing a good bit of spitting up and we are hoping this new position will help.

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