Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the joys of sitting up!

that's right people...i'm calling it! audrey can sit up! she has been getting better and able to sit up by herself for longer periods of time but really just since we got back from the cruise will i say she is good to go! we are so proud of her and i thought i'd let her "chronicle" the joys of sitting up...
taking super cute pictures with my sister like a big girl
playing with toys all by myself without assistance from anyone/thing!
mommy getting to take pictures of sweet moments like this...

figuring out this sippy cup in my very own high chair while everyone has dinner together at the table!

puffs?  hmm..

now what was that?!?!?!?  i thought we were examining joys, here?!? this isn't a joy per say but mommy liked this little picture from dinner last night and one day soon i'll be at the table too!
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