Wednesday, May 26, 2010


so part of what made getting out of felix's so darn stressful was jay and i were trying to get to the gulf for a concert. there was a festival that weekend we thought about going to be decided our daughter and our commitment to raising her as a child of the Lord was more important! on the way to the beach i was thinking we had lost our minds and why were we driving to an outdoor concert in the pouring rain!?!?! well it turned out to be totally worth it! we didn't get weekend tickets because the were expensive and we would have needed a place to stay, etc, etc, etc. however, jay had emailed one of my favorite bands to suggest an album name for their upcoming and long story short they "put us on the guest list"! i was thrilled and that is why we were driving in the monsoon. they had shut the whole thing down about the time we started driving because of a tornado warning but shortly after we arrived they opened back up and were letting the public in for free but we decided to wait on the ticket tent to get their computers back up to see if maybe, just maybe we had any sort of vip thing from the guest list. we are sure glad we waited because we had artist passes!!! that is right, we had access to anywhere they did which meant we not only got to watch their show on stage but went on stage during ben harper and trey anastasio too! we also saw need to breathe but the "security guy" at that stage wouldn't let us back stage because technically the passes were coded by stage but that didn't stop anyone at ben harper and trey anastasion and i'd dare say they are "bigger" stars but whatever. anyway, we had an absolute blast and i suppose we aren't that old after all...

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