Wednesday, May 12, 2010

drum roll please....

well it is safe to say that our precious second child is laid back! i know our children are different and i am not, by any means, trying to compare them but it is safe to say hadley had mastered several feats by this point that audrey is just barely flirting with.

yesterday, though, audrey finally rolled over! if only i had the video camera running; i still can't believe i caught hadley's first time on film! but we were playing on her tummy, which we do not do often as she is really not a spitter but if you put her on her tummy she will inevitably do it, and she just kicked herself right over to her back! yea, audrey! we are so proud of you!

which reminds me that she had her first crackers at oyster house on friday night...those pictures are on the camera in my purse and i forgot all about them! i'll post those as soon as i get another minute...

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