Monday, May 10, 2010

all i want for mother's day! all i wanted for mother's day was a nice relaxing saturday in the back yard with a kiddie pool, my sweet husband and precious girls...

well, i wish i had a picture of the sky when i looked out the window for the first time on saturday! the only word that came to mind was GLOOMY! (we have been watching "the many adventures of winnie the pooh" around here so i guess gloomy old eeyore popped right in my head). i was terribly disappointed... fear not though! the good Lord came through with a gorgeous sunday and my wishes came true! i spent "nap time" on the patio and then the girls joined me after they woke up. it turned out to be, by far, the best and most relaxing weekend we have all had in quite some time! it was just so nice to be the four of us spending time together. motherhood has brought me so many blessings and i am just too choked up to even try and use words to reflect on it but maybe i'll be up for that soon. enjoy a few pictures...

the girls in their new pool

audrey's first time in a pool...she really enjoyed herself

hadley really liked her new sprinkler but kept having jay turn it off and on

like any good parent, we made her a water slide!  i was in the kitchen when i heard hadley screaming and came to the door just knowing that there had been some sort of trauma...nope!  jay took her out of the pool because her lip was quivering and you would have thought the world was coming to an end!  nothing an elmo t shirt, new golf clubs and her "big ball" can't fix though!
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  1. Oh my. They really are beautiful little girls, Sara! Happy (late) Mother's Day!