Monday, May 10, 2010

addiction? the first step in dealing with addiction admitting you have one?!?!  well i am addicted to sewing!  so addicted (and well, i've been busy with the girls) that i started this post last thursday and here i am posting on monday night!  sad...  anyway, i wanted hadley to have a white dress to wear for audrey's baby dedication this coming weekend but didn't want to buy one (as i would not have liked whatever i had found nearly as much i should to pay what i am sure it would have cost) and i didn't think i would have time to make one (as the girls summer clothes are still not done and i haven't done little br's tote bag either!)!  but one recent saturday i went to my favorite "heirloom sewing" haunt and low and behold they had a perfect fabric at a whopping $8.50/yard so here we are with a dress for less than $20!  i think that just adds to my addiction...i have made her a dress with some hand embroidery (my first try at that) for like dirt!  i think i am going to have to break down and learn smocking so i can start taking baths in the cash i'll be saving!  but really, it is truly addicting because i can't tell you how much joy i get from making these precious girls something to wear and put away maybe for my girls' girls one day...  oh and i'll post a picture of the dress as soon as i get the hem done and i meant to say i am addicted because i made the dress (minus hem and buttons) in two is like a good book you just can't put down!!

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  1. I am jealous of your addiction! I took a smocking class...and never even finished the one outfit. Smocking was surprisingly easy though - you should try it!