Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the joys of sitting up!

that's right people...i'm calling it! audrey can sit up! she has been getting better and able to sit up by herself for longer periods of time but really just since we got back from the cruise will i say she is good to go! we are so proud of her and i thought i'd let her "chronicle" the joys of sitting up...
taking super cute pictures with my sister like a big girl
playing with toys all by myself without assistance from anyone/thing!
mommy getting to take pictures of sweet moments like this...

figuring out this sippy cup in my very own high chair while everyone has dinner together at the table!

puffs?  hmm..

now what was that?!?!?!?  i thought we were examining joys, here?!? this isn't a joy per say but mommy liked this little picture from dinner last night and one day soon i'll be at the table too!
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on a boat!

jay and i knew we would need a vacation this summer and were thrilled to have our "first mobile friends" go with us! jim and jill were the first couple that we really hit it off with after moving to mobile and we have missed them terribly since they moved almost 3 years ago! so last thursday jay and i drove to tallahassee and then on friday morning on to port canaveral; picking up jim and jill in orlando. friday afternoon, the four of us "set sail" on a royal caribbean ship headed for the bahamas (jay and i had never been).

we had a blast with old friends and it was nice to experience a cruise but i don't think it has become our "preferred method of travel" we'll probably stick to flying somewhere and beaching it for a few days. we miss jim and jill already! and it is nice to see the official start of summer this weekend with some color already on our faces; that is increasingly rare!

at formal night

the four of us at formal night

fun times!
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some exciting firsts

so i knew audrey moved in her bed but not like hadley used to...  i think jay thought she just laid in one position all night long but finally we caught her!  you can tell she is not crazy about the flash of the camera first thing!  and check out her blankey stuck in her mouth!  i mean she puts it in there and sucks on her thumb with it; like it is wrapped around her thumb...silly girl! 

first time to sit in her high chair for a meal!  sitting up is just not one of the things that keeps her up at night and she has been sort of slack about really doing it so uncle justin brought down carter's bumbo seat so i could feed her in the high chair instead of her bouncer seat.  she has been doing a good bit of spitting up and we are hoping this new position will help.

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so part of what made getting out of felix's so darn stressful was jay and i were trying to get to the gulf for a concert. there was a festival that weekend we thought about going to be decided our daughter and our commitment to raising her as a child of the Lord was more important! on the way to the beach i was thinking we had lost our minds and why were we driving to an outdoor concert in the pouring rain!?!?! well it turned out to be totally worth it! we didn't get weekend tickets because the were expensive and we would have needed a place to stay, etc, etc, etc. however, jay had emailed one of my favorite bands to suggest an album name for their upcoming and long story short they "put us on the guest list"! i was thrilled and that is why we were driving in the monsoon. they had shut the whole thing down about the time we started driving because of a tornado warning but shortly after we arrived they opened back up and were letting the public in for free but we decided to wait on the ticket tent to get their computers back up to see if maybe, just maybe we had any sort of vip thing from the guest list. we are sure glad we waited because we had artist passes!!! that is right, we had access to anywhere they did which meant we not only got to watch their show on stage but went on stage during ben harper and trey anastasio too! we also saw need to breathe but the "security guy" at that stage wouldn't let us back stage because technically the passes were coded by stage but that didn't stop anyone at ben harper and trey anastasion and i'd dare say they are "bigger" stars but whatever. anyway, we had an absolute blast and i suppose we aren't that old after all...

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funny story...we thought about postponing audrey's dedication for a concert! and the fact that both aunt's and one uncle couldn't be there but i thought 6 months from now would just be more hectic and she would be so old so we went on with things. the first picture, i took the week before in her gown for the ceremony; it is the same one i wore 30 years ago! i regret not putting hadley in the same but you live and learn around here! none of the pictures from the ceremony itself turned out clear but take my word for it that we were "that family"! hadley was having a blast in front of the whole church and only wanted me so i had to hold her hand and audrey in the other because she had just started a mommy phase! toward the end of the prayer audrey decided to arch her back and i almost lost her! i mean almost dropped the poor baby in front of the entire church! i knew it hurt her and so i go running out trying to beat her cries out of the sanctuary! what a morning! it all relaxed a bit after and we headed to lunch at felix's with the the rain! if you have been there before during a rain of any kind, you know the parking lot floods so we were quite a scene trying to get out of there but we all had a great time and love all of you for making the trip!

with uncle justin

with shashe

with papaw and lala

with pops and grammy
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so i completely forgot these pictures were on the "small" camera (the one i keep in my purse)! we went to oyster house on the friday of mother's day weekend for some family time and had a lovely time! that says A LOT considering when we left the house i told jay if they were still screaming at the interstate we were turning around and bagging the trip out! when we were there we decided to give audrey her first cracker as hadley had her first cracker there when she was about the same age. she wasn't 100% sure what she wanted to do with it but i think she enjoyed it.

in the midst of watching audrey we totally missed hadley eating some of her lemon peel! i mean she took a bite out of each end and swallowed it! i can't imagine it tasted good! now, we are not totally out of it parents...i knew she had the lemon and peel but did not know she thought it was a "delicacy"!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

drum roll please....

well it is safe to say that our precious second child is laid back! i know our children are different and i am not, by any means, trying to compare them but it is safe to say hadley had mastered several feats by this point that audrey is just barely flirting with.

yesterday, though, audrey finally rolled over! if only i had the video camera running; i still can't believe i caught hadley's first time on film! but we were playing on her tummy, which we do not do often as she is really not a spitter but if you put her on her tummy she will inevitably do it, and she just kicked herself right over to her back! yea, audrey! we are so proud of you!

which reminds me that she had her first crackers at oyster house on friday night...those pictures are on the camera in my purse and i forgot all about them! i'll post those as soon as i get another minute...

i love you, mommy!

i don't know how i forgot to post about this! jay and the girls got my some very nice presents for mother's day; opal earrings for audrey's birth stone (i got some aquamarine the first mother's day after hadley was born) and a pedicure which i can definitely use before the cruise! however, the best present i received was on friday when hadley was going off to bed and said "i love you, mommy"! she has said i love you for some time but never put anyone's name with it; just made my weekend! then saturday morning i was off to run an errand and she said it again but added "kisses" this time so i came back around the corner and she comes running up to share kisses. these little moments are what it is all about!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

all i want for mother's day! all i wanted for mother's day was a nice relaxing saturday in the back yard with a kiddie pool, my sweet husband and precious girls...

well, i wish i had a picture of the sky when i looked out the window for the first time on saturday! the only word that came to mind was GLOOMY! (we have been watching "the many adventures of winnie the pooh" around here so i guess gloomy old eeyore popped right in my head). i was terribly disappointed... fear not though! the good Lord came through with a gorgeous sunday and my wishes came true! i spent "nap time" on the patio and then the girls joined me after they woke up. it turned out to be, by far, the best and most relaxing weekend we have all had in quite some time! it was just so nice to be the four of us spending time together. motherhood has brought me so many blessings and i am just too choked up to even try and use words to reflect on it but maybe i'll be up for that soon. enjoy a few pictures...

the girls in their new pool

audrey's first time in a pool...she really enjoyed herself

hadley really liked her new sprinkler but kept having jay turn it off and on

like any good parent, we made her a water slide!  i was in the kitchen when i heard hadley screaming and came to the door just knowing that there had been some sort of trauma...nope!  jay took her out of the pool because her lip was quivering and you would have thought the world was coming to an end!  nothing an elmo t shirt, new golf clubs and her "big ball" can't fix though!
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mother's day

we took this picture a few weeks ago after bath time. they were just too precious in their "bird" pajamas (that hadley loves SO much; right up there with her frog pajamas!). these are the little moments that make me tear up with just an overflow of emotions! of course we didn't get a "perfect" picture with them both smiling or even looking at the camera at the same time but this captures "normal" in this house and i adore it.

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addiction? the first step in dealing with addiction admitting you have one?!?!  well i am addicted to sewing!  so addicted (and well, i've been busy with the girls) that i started this post last thursday and here i am posting on monday night!  sad...  anyway, i wanted hadley to have a white dress to wear for audrey's baby dedication this coming weekend but didn't want to buy one (as i would not have liked whatever i had found nearly as much i should to pay what i am sure it would have cost) and i didn't think i would have time to make one (as the girls summer clothes are still not done and i haven't done little br's tote bag either!)!  but one recent saturday i went to my favorite "heirloom sewing" haunt and low and behold they had a perfect fabric at a whopping $8.50/yard so here we are with a dress for less than $20!  i think that just adds to my addiction...i have made her a dress with some hand embroidery (my first try at that) for like dirt!  i think i am going to have to break down and learn smocking so i can start taking baths in the cash i'll be saving!  but really, it is truly addicting because i can't tell you how much joy i get from making these precious girls something to wear and put away maybe for my girls' girls one day...  oh and i'll post a picture of the dress as soon as i get the hem done and i meant to say i am addicted because i made the dress (minus hem and buttons) in two is like a good book you just can't put down!!