Monday, April 26, 2010

a very happy 1/2 birthday to you!

i simply can't believe she is 6 months old today!  this picture was taken less than 5 hours after her precious face entered this world...don't you just want to kiss her?!?  both of my girls are such blessings and jay and i are just thrilled to spend our days with them!  so happy half birthday to you, audrey!  mommy and daddy (and hadley) love you very, very much!

on other notes...doesn't the "description" at the top of this blog say something about "entertaining lives"?!?  well i just don't have much entertaining information to share lately...sorry for the few and far between postings.  we are still trying to help hadley through these hair pulling and sleep issues but God willing, we have turned a corner and seem to be doing better!  it would take me days of posts to update on all that is going on but we may have to give aunt casey half of the credit...fine with me!  this weekend hadley and i had two discussions; one stern one about not pulling her hair (similar to the one i had with her about not getting out of her big girl bed without mommy or daddy ...that worked so well...why not try it again!?!) and then i made her some satin " mittens" to wear to bed in hopes they would slide through her hair instead of allowing her to grab it and pull it out.  well she wants nothing to do with them!  i even talked them up and let her pick out the satin at hobby lobby!  so i told her it was fine with me if she didn't wear them but that meant she couldn't pull her hair; if she pulls it then mommy and daddy are just going to have to make her wear them!  she is currently sleeping so i am not sure how that went last night but it worked well on saturday so prayers for more of the same! 

oh and she is saying some of the sweetest things right now that i have to get on video SOON!  we love the way she says "applesauce", when we go in to get audrey from a nap she says "hey sweet girl" which is absolutely adorable!  i also love "audrey, buggy. hadley, walk"...this is said each time we leave the house whether we are going to a store with a buggy or not...she wants to make sure her bases are covered! 

audrey is still enjoying trying all of these new solid foods!  we have added apples, pears, peaches (maybe not her favorite), sweet potatoes, carrots and squash!  no other new foods until i get the formula set and make sure she is alright with it; i started one formula bottle/day on saturday.  i am trying really hard not to be sad about this!  jay and i leave for the cruise on may 20 and i have to be done so here we go...  yesterday she had 1/2 milk and 1/2 soy formula so we'll keep upping the formula by 1oz per day until we are at the full feeding of just formula.  we also have suspicions that milk makes her tummy upset so we are starting with soy for now and will reevaulate in the near future.  she goes for her 6mo check up tomorrow morning so i'll be sure to post updates from that!  anyone want to place bets on height and weight?!?  we'll put the proceeds in her college fund......

happy monday to all!  the guys should be here to start on our new fence within the hour so it should be a wild day around here! but hip, hip, horray for a fenced back yard!  hadley is going to have the best time playing and i will have to start doing a little landscaping! 
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  1. Yea for the new fence!!! I know you'll love it. And I just realized earlier this morning that today is her 1/2 b' 6 mos already!!