Thursday, April 8, 2010

sweet potatoes

the breakfast of champions! so just as i am getting ready to post this, i realize that i gave my child sweet potatoes after breakfast this morning! well in my defense it was time to start a new food; which i always do after she eats breakfast so i can have plenty of time to watch for any reactions; and she didn't eat breakfast until 930 so we'll call it brunch! and ask any woman i am related to; mcfarland or flurry; and i think we'll all agree you can eat sweet potato casserole morning, noon or night! though unfortunately i don't think you can call gerber sweet potatoes "sweet potato casserole"!
as usual, audrey is more interested in chewing on whatever fabric she can get in her mouth!
who cares about eating when there are feet to play with?!? not audrey!
"oh who am i kidding? i like everything!"
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