Thursday, April 8, 2010

riding with bert & ernie

Today the girls and I ran in Toys R Us to pick up some diapers for Hadley. For those of you who don't know, they do this "buy 9 boxes of diapers, get 1 free". Now to those of you not currently paying for diapers 1 for 9 may not seem like all that great of a good deal but they are $42 a box so it is really not too shabby and you can still use other coupons too! Anyway, I spotted this near the front door while we were in line. Hadley has a little cold and I thought it would be a nice treat! She has never been on anything like that and had a blast! Of course, mommy let her ride twice so I took a video the second time but I am not sure how to post that yet so enjoy the pictures.

Does Bert look scared to anyone else!?!?

Singing along with Ernie

I am such a good driver! Mommy...I think I'll drive home!
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