Saturday, April 17, 2010


so i feel like i have to have a picture to post but i decided i would let everyone know what has been going on all week. honestly i don't even remember the first part of the sad is that?!? it is only saturday! oh yeah...monday night we went to dinner with good friends todd and libby and had a great time but on the way home jay said he wasn't feeling quite right. well, he had the beginnings of a fever bug (that is all we can come up with as he had no other symptoms and the girls had something similar over the past week and half too so that is my official dr mom diagnosis!). so he stayed home from work tuesday and wednesday (that was only the second time since we left auburn that the guy has taken sick days!) and got our week off to its bizarre start.

monday when i was bathing the girls i noticed that hadley had a "thin spot" on her head but didn't think too much about it; i kind of thought that jay and i just combed her hair differently. well on wednesday hadley got up early and i had taken some cold medicine the night before and was not even close to ready to be up so i went and laid down with her. but the whole time i felt covered in hair and kind of thought about the spot i saw after monday's bath. jay and i were talking more about it and i went to "investigate" hadley's bed shortly before naptime and found it COVERED in her precious red hair! very long story short after a trip to the pediatrician and then the hospital to get blood drawn, she does not have thyroid problems or an iron deficiency so... it looks like maybe when she "plays" with her hair at night (some kids suck their thumbs and mine plays with her hair..whatever) it is coming out so we are just going to be keeping an eye on things. there are any number of things that can be causing or aiding in it coming out so easily so we are just going to try and be patient while this plays out. i asked the pediatrician yesterday at what point we should become concerned and he said "grade school"! i thought seriously!?! i can't imagine us letting this ride until then!

this morning there was NO hair in her bed so i was THRILLED! oh and my champion 2 year old didn't even cry when they tried to get the blood from her arm at the pediatrician office! i mean there were 3 nurses in the room and i am over holding audrey who, poor thing, was so past nap time and hadley just looked at me once they were really trying to get something to come out and said "i hode you" (hadley's hold has no actual l in it). she was such a trooper! it was a very long day and the girls did so very well!

so here we are to the weekend... jay is working this morning and the girls and i are just trying to lay low and relax a bit as it looks like we survived another "normal" week around here!

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