Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A is for...

allergist! hadley had a check up with her allergist this morning. all went well! if we can get her legs cleared up (there is some eczema on her shins and tops of feet) then we can introduce milk. i am a bit nervous and quite honestly not in the biggest hurry. audrey will start formula next week and i think the milk may be messing with her stomach so i have been avoiding it in my diet and i am not sure what actual milk formula is going to do to her little tummy. so i am thinking i can take only one milk experiment at a time so we may wait until things are settled with audrey and then see what happens to hadley. but like i mentioned we have to get the eczema cleared up first and that may take just a bit. oh and we don't know what the eczema flare up is from but we did rule out grasses and dust mites...for now. dr. patton said she is more likely to develop an inhaled allergy than to avoid life without one given she already has the eczema...if she said that before i totally missed it but who would be surprised!?! we'll go back in the fall unless something changes before then...  i am just praying we don't add allergist to the list of specialists audrey has; the ent to clip her tounge was enough for me!

A is also for ARMADILLO! my brother and sister in law get visits from cute little newborn bunny rabbits (BB the Bunny)and i have a baby armadillo running around in the side yard! what in the WORLD?!?!? i'll admit that was my first armadillo run in and i am ok if i don't have another one! it is kind of a creepy looking little animal but hadley and i braved the elements to get this picture for everyone!

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