Thursday, April 8, 2010


hep is the best i can get from ask her if she means "help" and she will shake her head say "uh huh".

so too the picture. we started audrey on cereal a little over a week ago and hadley wants to help each and every time! so yesterday i got her one of the extra boon spoons (for those of you with little ones that do not have a boon spoon...check them out! in mobile, i can get them at target and babies r us though they are often sold out). being the daughter of an engineer father and curious mother, she wanted the spoon disassembled so she ends up with a tablespoon from her kitchen and the "bulb" part of the boon spoon feeding audrey some imaginary food from her kitchen!

so she can't pronounce help very well but she is all about helping!

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