Thursday, April 8, 2010

everybody goes to....

MILO'S! so with the milk allergy i just assumed that she couldn't have milos (seems they probably cook that yummy bun in butter or something) and i also assumed being a smaller "chain" they would not have allergy information on their website but low and behold...they have the information and my daughter is not missing out any longer!  i also found her some cookie dough ice cream at publix that weekend but the post here is about milo's so...  oh and jay wanted to know why she had no clothes on...did you all see the dress she was wearing at carter's party?!?  well that is what she had on and what mother in her right mind would let their child eat milo's in that?!?  i'd like for her to be able to wear it again so i made an executive decision and edited out anything "inappropriate"!

mouth full of fries with more on the way

looks to me like she is enjoying it! her uncle justin and i are so proud! when we were at auburn justin would have milos like at least once a day when we would come home for the weekend...

working on the milos face of mess...not too bad for a 2 year old!

after she was all done...messy face complete with a little milk mustache!
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