Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Morning all!  So today is what, Thursday?  and I took my poor child to the doctor for her check up on Tuesday?!?!?  and am just posting about it...well it has been a couple of days to say the least.  Tuesday afternoon Audrey felt awful and was just crying and carrying on and ran a little fever presumably from the vaccine booster she got that morning and well I have just been keeping my head above water since Tuesday morning. 

In "growth news" Audrey now weighs 15lb and is 27in long.  That is the 85-90th percentile in length and down from 50th to 30th in weight...I guess I'll have small girls?   Neither have ever been on the terribly high end of the weight charts which is funny as they are two of the biggest birth weight babies out of our friends! 

In other news, we now have a fenced in back yard! Jay asked when he got home yesterday "how do you like your new fence?"...I thought it was OUR new fence but I don't care what you call it now that it is done...I am looking forward to a wonderful summer in the yard with the girls...Hadley is going to have a blast and Audrey is going to finally get mobile, I think, and check out the outside world! Justin thinks we need a dog but I am still going to pass on that for now...the thought of adding one more breathing "thing" to this house that I need to take care of almost makes me have trouble breathing!

I'll put some pictures up later...nothing new is terribly exciting but just "in the life" kind of stuff...


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