Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 Month Check Up

Morning all!  So today is what, Thursday?  and I took my poor child to the doctor for her check up on Tuesday?!?!?  and am just posting about it...well it has been a couple of days to say the least.  Tuesday afternoon Audrey felt awful and was just crying and carrying on and ran a little fever presumably from the vaccine booster she got that morning and well I have just been keeping my head above water since Tuesday morning. 

In "growth news" Audrey now weighs 15lb and is 27in long.  That is the 85-90th percentile in length and down from 50th to 30th in weight...I guess I'll have small girls?   Neither have ever been on the terribly high end of the weight charts which is funny as they are two of the biggest birth weight babies out of our friends! 

In other news, we now have a fenced in back yard! Jay asked when he got home yesterday "how do you like your new fence?"...I thought it was OUR new fence but I don't care what you call it now that it is done...I am looking forward to a wonderful summer in the yard with the girls...Hadley is going to have a blast and Audrey is going to finally get mobile, I think, and check out the outside world! Justin thinks we need a dog but I am still going to pass on that for now...the thought of adding one more breathing "thing" to this house that I need to take care of almost makes me have trouble breathing!

I'll put some pictures up later...nothing new is terribly exciting but just "in the life" kind of stuff...


Monday, April 26, 2010

a very happy 1/2 birthday to you!

i simply can't believe she is 6 months old today!  this picture was taken less than 5 hours after her precious face entered this world...don't you just want to kiss her?!?  both of my girls are such blessings and jay and i are just thrilled to spend our days with them!  so happy half birthday to you, audrey!  mommy and daddy (and hadley) love you very, very much!

on other notes...doesn't the "description" at the top of this blog say something about "entertaining lives"?!?  well i just don't have much entertaining information to share lately...sorry for the few and far between postings.  we are still trying to help hadley through these hair pulling and sleep issues but God willing, we have turned a corner and seem to be doing better!  it would take me days of posts to update on all that is going on but we may have to give aunt casey half of the credit...fine with me!  this weekend hadley and i had two discussions; one stern one about not pulling her hair (similar to the one i had with her about not getting out of her big girl bed without mommy or daddy ...that worked so well...why not try it again!?!) and then i made her some satin " mittens" to wear to bed in hopes they would slide through her hair instead of allowing her to grab it and pull it out.  well she wants nothing to do with them!  i even talked them up and let her pick out the satin at hobby lobby!  so i told her it was fine with me if she didn't wear them but that meant she couldn't pull her hair; if she pulls it then mommy and daddy are just going to have to make her wear them!  she is currently sleeping so i am not sure how that went last night but it worked well on saturday so prayers for more of the same! 

oh and she is saying some of the sweetest things right now that i have to get on video SOON!  we love the way she says "applesauce", when we go in to get audrey from a nap she says "hey sweet girl" which is absolutely adorable!  i also love "audrey, buggy. hadley, walk"...this is said each time we leave the house whether we are going to a store with a buggy or not...she wants to make sure her bases are covered! 

audrey is still enjoying trying all of these new solid foods!  we have added apples, pears, peaches (maybe not her favorite), sweet potatoes, carrots and squash!  no other new foods until i get the formula set and make sure she is alright with it; i started one formula bottle/day on saturday.  i am trying really hard not to be sad about this!  jay and i leave for the cruise on may 20 and i have to be done so here we go...  yesterday she had 1/2 milk and 1/2 soy formula so we'll keep upping the formula by 1oz per day until we are at the full feeding of just formula.  we also have suspicions that milk makes her tummy upset so we are starting with soy for now and will reevaulate in the near future.  she goes for her 6mo check up tomorrow morning so i'll be sure to post updates from that!  anyone want to place bets on height and weight?!?  we'll put the proceeds in her college fund......

happy monday to all!  the guys should be here to start on our new fence within the hour so it should be a wild day around here! but hip, hip, horray for a fenced back yard!  hadley is going to have the best time playing and i will have to start doing a little landscaping! 
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A is for...

allergist! hadley had a check up with her allergist this morning. all went well! if we can get her legs cleared up (there is some eczema on her shins and tops of feet) then we can introduce milk. i am a bit nervous and quite honestly not in the biggest hurry. audrey will start formula next week and i think the milk may be messing with her stomach so i have been avoiding it in my diet and i am not sure what actual milk formula is going to do to her little tummy. so i am thinking i can take only one milk experiment at a time so we may wait until things are settled with audrey and then see what happens to hadley. but like i mentioned we have to get the eczema cleared up first and that may take just a bit. oh and we don't know what the eczema flare up is from but we did rule out grasses and dust mites...for now. dr. patton said she is more likely to develop an inhaled allergy than to avoid life without one given she already has the eczema...if she said that before i totally missed it but who would be surprised!?! we'll go back in the fall unless something changes before then...  i am just praying we don't add allergist to the list of specialists audrey has; the ent to clip her tounge was enough for me!

A is also for ARMADILLO! my brother and sister in law get visits from cute little newborn bunny rabbits (BB the Bunny)and i have a baby armadillo running around in the side yard! what in the WORLD?!?!? i'll admit that was my first armadillo run in and i am ok if i don't have another one! it is kind of a creepy looking little animal but hadley and i braved the elements to get this picture for everyone!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010


so i feel like i have to have a picture to post but i decided i would let everyone know what has been going on all week. honestly i don't even remember the first part of the sad is that?!? it is only saturday! oh yeah...monday night we went to dinner with good friends todd and libby and had a great time but on the way home jay said he wasn't feeling quite right. well, he had the beginnings of a fever bug (that is all we can come up with as he had no other symptoms and the girls had something similar over the past week and half too so that is my official dr mom diagnosis!). so he stayed home from work tuesday and wednesday (that was only the second time since we left auburn that the guy has taken sick days!) and got our week off to its bizarre start.

monday when i was bathing the girls i noticed that hadley had a "thin spot" on her head but didn't think too much about it; i kind of thought that jay and i just combed her hair differently. well on wednesday hadley got up early and i had taken some cold medicine the night before and was not even close to ready to be up so i went and laid down with her. but the whole time i felt covered in hair and kind of thought about the spot i saw after monday's bath. jay and i were talking more about it and i went to "investigate" hadley's bed shortly before naptime and found it COVERED in her precious red hair! very long story short after a trip to the pediatrician and then the hospital to get blood drawn, she does not have thyroid problems or an iron deficiency so... it looks like maybe when she "plays" with her hair at night (some kids suck their thumbs and mine plays with her hair..whatever) it is coming out so we are just going to be keeping an eye on things. there are any number of things that can be causing or aiding in it coming out so easily so we are just going to try and be patient while this plays out. i asked the pediatrician yesterday at what point we should become concerned and he said "grade school"! i thought seriously!?! i can't imagine us letting this ride until then!

this morning there was NO hair in her bed so i was THRILLED! oh and my champion 2 year old didn't even cry when they tried to get the blood from her arm at the pediatrician office! i mean there were 3 nurses in the room and i am over holding audrey who, poor thing, was so past nap time and hadley just looked at me once they were really trying to get something to come out and said "i hode you" (hadley's hold has no actual l in it). she was such a trooper! it was a very long day and the girls did so very well!

so here we are to the weekend... jay is working this morning and the girls and i are just trying to lay low and relax a bit as it looks like we survived another "normal" week around here!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

so these three and the good Lord keep me going every day... i just wanted to take a late night minute and reflect on that...fortunately the three that reside in my house are sleeping! i am going to refrain from asking myself why i am not! but i just couldn't help thinking about that while looking at this picture of my three taken on the day He rose! i hope each of you are having the same glorious spring weather that calls you to reflect on His ultimate sacrifice for us!
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silly girls

hadley gives the best hugs...

but can also be quite dramatic if the sun is in her eyes!

audrey wanted to eat hadley's...well anything she could get in there really.

audrey will laugh if you even look at her...she is too easy!
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everybody goes to....

MILO'S! so with the milk allergy i just assumed that she couldn't have milos (seems they probably cook that yummy bun in butter or something) and i also assumed being a smaller "chain" they would not have allergy information on their website but low and behold...they have the information and my daughter is not missing out any longer!  i also found her some cookie dough ice cream at publix that weekend but the post here is about milo's so...  oh and jay wanted to know why she had no clothes on...did you all see the dress she was wearing at carter's party?!?  well that is what she had on and what mother in her right mind would let their child eat milo's in that?!?  i'd like for her to be able to wear it again so i made an executive decision and edited out anything "inappropriate"!

mouth full of fries with more on the way

looks to me like she is enjoying it! her uncle justin and i are so proud! when we were at auburn justin would have milos like at least once a day when we would come home for the weekend...

working on the milos face of mess...not too bad for a 2 year old!

after she was all done...messy face complete with a little milk mustache!
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carter man turns 1!

i simply can't believe it has been a year since that precious man entered our lives! what a joy it has been and i only wish we lived closer so we could spend more time with him! he and hadley are really starting to have fun together!
carter with his precious "cupcake" cake and adorable cupcake crown all courtsey of his sweet mommy
carter "opening presents"
carter thought his ball pit was more fun from the outside
hadley on the other hand had a GRAND time and wore herself out hopping up and down! guess my thought to get the girls some sort of bouncy thing for christmas is a good idea to say the least!
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family fun day!

Jay had to be in Birmingham the week before Carter's birthday party for work so the girls and I drove up on Thursday and took advantage of Jay having the day off on Friday to spend the day together and do something fun! We took the girls to the McWane center and out to lunch...what fun! I hope Hadley enjoyed herself as much as I did! Audrey just hung out in the stroller but it is so exciting to start doing these kind of outings!
with jay playing the harp
playing in the water
just before the stingray swam her way and FREAKED her out! she rarely gets scared by things but from that point on would only go near the aquariums if i was "i hold you" (hadley code for hold me!). i tried to get her to touch the glass so she could understand that even though the fish appeared to be swimming toward her they could only go so far...but that prompted the very first "no mommy"!

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what is going on?!?!? i wasn't thrilled with the long website address of! and now that i type it out i think "what was i thinking?!?!? it is so bloody long!" so here i am at! this is easier in my mind but probably doesn't make a bit of difference to anyone else. i haven't had much free time to post recently as i devoted all free time to the sewing frenzy of the girls' easter dresses (which due to hadley having a fever on saturday afternoon they didn't even get to wear to church on sunday morning but that is just life, isn't it!?!). well now those are done and i have the new (shorter!) name, so i'll catch you all up on what has been going on and get back on the posting horse! happy rainy thursday to everyone!

to the park we go!

A few Saturdays ago the weather was nice enough for our first trip to the park! Jay and I ran some errands and took the girls to a small park not too terribly far from the house. Hadley had a great time on all the big kid slides; of course daddy let her go down almost all of them! Audrey took a bottle and spent some quality time in her car seat as we tried to protect her from the crazy wind...I can't wait until they can both play together at the park!

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riding with bert & ernie

Today the girls and I ran in Toys R Us to pick up some diapers for Hadley. For those of you who don't know, they do this "buy 9 boxes of diapers, get 1 free". Now to those of you not currently paying for diapers 1 for 9 may not seem like all that great of a good deal but they are $42 a box so it is really not too shabby and you can still use other coupons too! Anyway, I spotted this near the front door while we were in line. Hadley has a little cold and I thought it would be a nice treat! She has never been on anything like that and had a blast! Of course, mommy let her ride twice so I took a video the second time but I am not sure how to post that yet so enjoy the pictures.

Does Bert look scared to anyone else!?!?

Singing along with Ernie

I am such a good driver! Mommy...I think I'll drive home!
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sweet potatoes

the breakfast of champions! so just as i am getting ready to post this, i realize that i gave my child sweet potatoes after breakfast this morning! well in my defense it was time to start a new food; which i always do after she eats breakfast so i can have plenty of time to watch for any reactions; and she didn't eat breakfast until 930 so we'll call it brunch! and ask any woman i am related to; mcfarland or flurry; and i think we'll all agree you can eat sweet potato casserole morning, noon or night! though unfortunately i don't think you can call gerber sweet potatoes "sweet potato casserole"!
as usual, audrey is more interested in chewing on whatever fabric she can get in her mouth!
who cares about eating when there are feet to play with?!? not audrey!
"oh who am i kidding? i like everything!"
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hep is the best i can get from ask her if she means "help" and she will shake her head say "uh huh".

so too the picture. we started audrey on cereal a little over a week ago and hadley wants to help each and every time! so yesterday i got her one of the extra boon spoons (for those of you with little ones that do not have a boon spoon...check them out! in mobile, i can get them at target and babies r us though they are often sold out). being the daughter of an engineer father and curious mother, she wanted the spoon disassembled so she ends up with a tablespoon from her kitchen and the "bulb" part of the boon spoon feeding audrey some imaginary food from her kitchen!

so she can't pronounce help very well but she is all about helping!

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last days of winter!

winter for mobilians is a relative term. the high this week have been in the 60's and that is "below normal"! yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a beautiful evening outside for a little while after dinner; a new bribe for jay and i to get hadley to eat her dinner that sometimes works better than others! hadley loves being outside and running from one end of the yard to the other yelling "GO"! or kicking her "big ball"! audrey on the other hand was just happy to be up from her nap and take in the silly antics of her big sis!


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so here we are....

so, here we are! i am hoping that blogging will be easier to keep up with now that "there are 2"! the website was just becoming too time intensive to update and organize regularly so i am hoping i'll be able to just let y'all know what is going on in bits and pieces...

little miss independence! hadley refused to take off her cardigan before nap time and it was her birthday so who was i to argue with her?!? this is how i found her after a long 3 hour nap!
2 yr

audrey enjoying some tummy time!
4 mo

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