Wednesday, December 22, 2010

o tannenbaum

oh what fun! this year we went to an honest to goodness christmas tree farm! did you know that even existed on the gulf coast?!? i knew it was there but i didn't have a clue what exactly the deal was until this summer...ramsay tree farms has a great relationship with christmas jubilee (the "holiday market" here in mobile) and since i was working on decorations for jubilee this year i learned there are christmas trees here in mobile!  it was such fun (even though it was like 65 that day and each one of us were sweating as we walked and tried to find "the tree").  this picture is the best i could get...i learned one important lesson...if you want a cute picture of the girls at the tree farm...then just take it when you get out of the car with the first tree you see!  don't wait for "the tree" may have lost your audience by then!

poor jay had to cut down the tree with a rather dull saw! 
next year we'll remember one of our own so it will less like a butter knife and more like a saw!

i have loved the look of the tree and it is unlike any other we have ever had!  however it has been up since december 4 (cut fresh that morning!) and it is hard as a rock!!!  i mean like it petrified or something...very strange!  we kept water in it; i promise! but strange it is!  jay says it is a major fire hazard and i'd love to take it down before we leave for birmingham but that can so not happen so hopefully it will survive our absence...

that night we did manage a mcfarland tradition of krispy kreme donuts and "drinks" (milk for the girls, hot chocolate for jay and apple cider for me...we aren't difficult, are we?)  hadley was so into watching the grinch and eating her chocolate covered donut, upside down and i just had to include the picture of audrey even though it is blurry...look at that face of bliss!

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Monday, December 20, 2010

oh santa, my santa...

does this picture need words?!?  i think not...
but if you thought there would be a post on this blog without words, then you obviously haven't been following for long!

i have to tell you this is what it looks like after hadley asks to go see santa (our first trip was even worse than what you see above).  again...she asked to go see him, there was no convincing on our part and she was all excited about shaking his hand and telling him what she wanted for christmas...all excited until it was time to actually talk to him!  we did get a good picture of the four of us with santa (before we turned into "parents of the year" and put our children in santa's lap for the sake of a photo, all the while, knowing they had absolutely no interest in sitting with the man) but at the highway robbery prices we only bought this one...
merry christmas to all!

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just scooting and talking

the girls have started playing on their own "in remote parts of the house" quite a bit. it is hysterical as we just hear them squealing and carrying on in their own little world; i just LOVE this sister dynamic! not too long ago jay was in the study (in the middle of the house), i was in the kitchen (one far end of the house) and the girls were in hadley's room (the other end of the house) and all i could hear was squealing laughter but i assumed they were with jay...he went to check on them and when he asked hadley what they were doing she simply replied "just scooting and talking"! she loves to hold audrey's hand and scoot down the hall with her but most of the time audrey feels the hand holding is a bit too constricting while she is trying to book it across the floor!  here are a few pictures of them hanging out in "close quarters"...
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

war eagle girls

like wild indians i tell you!  of course what were casey and i thinking trying to take pictures of the girls within a half hour of kick off of the iron bowl?!?!  it was the two of us and cameras against the three of them...we didn't stand a chance!  well maybe casey got better pictures but this is as good as it gets of hadley, audrey and campbell in their game day attire.  hadley clearly tried to keep the younger two in line but she gave up quickly. 
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

hanging with carter man

so my poor dad is just waiting and waiting for a picture of all 3 grandchildren...i keep telling him that we are trying but it is beyond impossible!  jay and i took the girls to justin's house when we were in town for thanksgiving and this is the best we could get!  maybe christmas?????

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Friday, December 17, 2010

what a lovely day for the park!

word on the street is santa might have something in his sleigh for the girls that will get these smiles and laughs the whole year through! i mentioned in the fall de rah post that we left fall de rah (which didn't take up nearly as much of our morning as i had envisioned) in search of a park. well thank you southern linc (that is probably the only time you will hear me thank southern linc!) because jay was able to get a buddy of his that could tell us exactly how to get to the park and a great park it was! it is right on the "beach" and was rebuilt after katrina so it was really nice. the girls had a wonderful time...i wish i could get a decent crop of some of the pictures when they were swinging but trust me they had so much fun! i think the only thing that would have made it better is if audrey could walk...i think she is tired of me carrying her but this whole "scooting" thing is ruining her pants so i carry her any time we are out and the park is certainly no exception!

and i love the expression on audrey's face in the last picture! it was like she was doing all of the rocking and daddy had nothing to do with it.


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

o holy night!

"the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!
fall on your knees! oh hear the angel voices!
oh night divine, oh night when Christ was born!"

i was just about to turn off the computer for the night.. i had been trying desperately to update the blog, with posts that will fill the next week since i am so behind on life... but i, of course, did a quick check of "blog headlines" and ended up on a blog i have never seen before doing A LOT of thinking. thinking about a wonderful Father who loves me more than i will ever, ever deserve and why i, given that love, continue to fail Him daily (probably something i should keep in mind when parenting...).

anyway o holy night popped into my head right at the spot i quoted above and i so startlingly am reminded to stop all the craziness i constantly let life become and slow down to "let all within us praise His holy name". i needed this reminder. wishing you a most meaningful Christmas.

fall de rah

let's insert "guilty mother moment" here... we didn't make it to a pumpkin patch this year before halloween! insert "gasp" here! between jubilee preparations keeping me busy and i think one or both girls were sick or maybe it rained or who knows but we didn't do it. we actually bought our pumpkins at target one day when hadley was irritable and i thought having a pumpkin of her very own would make her happy (i am not into bribing our children but...i considered it more of a "you aren't having a great day so here is a little happy" type of parenting move over outright bribery) and sure enough it did. she was so enamored with the pumpkin she stopped being so crabby. but back to the point, when we bagged the pumpkin patch trip, we didn't feel too bad about it because jay knew about this little fall arrangement in moss point (mississippi for those of you who are not from "round here") and we just planned to take them there. i am sure fall de rah was GRAND back before halloween but by the time we got there it had seen better days! the girls had a good time though and enjoyed running around and checking out the sights before we embarked on a journey to find a park in a city where we do not live but more on that later. enjoy the pics!

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

happy birthday to you!

i am finally adding some pictures from audrey's birthday party...if you want to see more, order a copy of "audrey cate: the first year"; due out in january!  we had such a wonderful time and i simply can not believe i now have two toddlers!  hadley is quick to tell you she is the big girl and audrey is a baby but let's face it...they are not "newborns" any longer.  they will both always be my babies!

audrey and hadley sitting in midst of "present mess"

does that look say to anyone else "tell me again why    she was way too into that cake to be any more a part
i have to wait..."?                                                        of this picture than physically there!
    apparently it was a GOOD cake...

now this takes a bit more explanation...  for hadley's first birthday uncle justin wanted to know when the "moon walk" would be there...i laughed him off and didn't think much of it until a week or so before when jay asked the same question!  apparently, he thought justin was on to something and i thought it sure would be fun so we got one!  well it turned out that justin was terribly sick and never stepped foot in it and i was super early pregnant with audrey and too darn exhausted to enjoy it but everyone else said they did.  well that brought us to audrey's party... we were having the party on halloween weekend and it didn't occur to me until way late that i was trying to rent an inflatable for HALLOWEEN WEEKEND!  imagine what was available 2 weeks out?!?!  sponge bob for my daughter's first birthday party...i think not!  well i ended up finding a couple and went with ne jumpers who i'd highly recommend (he delivers, sets up and removes for no extra)!  anyway it was well worth the "trouble" of tracking one down and both the girls LOVED it!  i somehow don't have a picture of all of audrey's smiles but she is working hard in the picture above scooting all around that thing!  and on a funny note, my nephew carter got sick on their to the party (they were driving from birmingham) i mean so sick they had to turn around and go back home so once again the jumper we had all because of my brother...he didn't set foot in!  ha!  who knows when i'll get another one so he just missed out! 

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

your husband is a horses patoot

i wrote this post over thanksgiving "break" and thought i set it up for future posting but apparently i don't know how to do that properly so here it is...weeks later!

the other night i finished fannie flagg's new book...i've been a big fan of fannie since i was maybe 11 or so when my dad gave me a copy of "welcome to the world baby girl" (oh i can't remember exactly but i'll never forget that book!). i've read all of her books and even finished one on the way from mobile to birmingham for christmas a couple of years ago (obviously that was before the girls were born because who could read that much with children in the back seat!?!?!). well when i found out that fannie had a new book coming out this fall, i told jay i'd like a signed copy for my birthday...i put him in charge because a. i thought it would be a great gift and b. i had jubilee going on the week she had like 3 appearances in mobile/fairhope. well poor jay forgot all about it until she was gone from the coast and started searching for her next book signing...lucky for jay it was that very night in birmingham but unlucky for jay both of our mothers were travelling due to taking care of the girls so i could be at jubilee so they were obviously not available to head over to brookwood mall to help out. so jay starts a "quest" to find any friend of ours in birmimgham who was willing to go to books a million and get me a signed copy...i won't mention any names but let's say some people should love me enough to have delayed their trip to auburn by a couple of hours to help a sibling out but i digress.

sweet jeff was innocent enough to take on the challenge! jeff "did his research" and even called ahead to find out that he should come on down and pick up a copy and get a "line number"...that should have tipped jay and jeff off that this was not going to go as easy as they were thinking.. if jay had not since deleted the text conversation between him and jeff, i would have to post parts of it here (not all of it because let's just say jeff was starting to think jay had thrown him under the bus!) but long story short jeff spent 2 hours in line to meet fannie flagg (a woman he knew nothing about!) just to get my book signed! now is that a sweet friend or what!?!?!?! well when he got up to fannie, he told her why he was there and who the book was for...he also asked fannie to add "ps. your husband is a horses rear" (well he actually used the 3 letter word that begins with the letter a and not rear but i can't say that here)... well fannie replied that she couldn't say that either but she would write horses patoot! she didn't but i wish she would have...not that i think he is but oh how wonderful would that have made my copy of the book?!?

thank you jeffro! i thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the book and read it in not time at all!

and if you have never noticed that i tend to write this blog in "stream of consciousness" then you certainly noticed with this post.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving!

i am alive! were y'all wondering?!? i suppose not since the few people who read this talk to me on a fairly regular basis and know we have been just fine but super busy! but i like busy..heck..i thrive off busy but it has been a bit too much for even me lately. i am looking forward to slowing down a bit and enjoying life and this wonderful family the good Lord has blessed me with. the girls are growing so fast and are just too darn cute for words. i am just thrilled i have the opportunity to spend each day surrounded by their preciousness! jay has been so great and wonderfully supportive during the recent craziness and i am just so looking forward to the holiday season that is upon us. what a perfect time to enjoy family and reflect on the blessings this year brought...

there is too much to catch up on and i hope to do that over the next few weeks but y'all are going to have to bear with me...i'll do my best.

happy thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

happy birthday audrey!

to my sweet little doodle bug...i love you and can't believe it is time for you to be making a mess with a cake of your very own! this year has gone by so very quickly and i know the ones to come will be every bit as fast. i only pray i can slow down enough to savor each and every moment. i love you so very much!
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what is going on?

such a big question in this house these days!  first, it is one of hadley's favorite things to ask and i just think it is adorable!  i mean it just sounds so cute coming from a 2 year old.  but i thought i'd take this opportunity to explain where the heck i've been and where i will be for the next, oh, 4 weeks.  i am not sure where to begin so here goes...for erin, i am sure you will be able to keep up with the free flow typing that is about to occur and to the other 2 people that may read this blog...good luck keeping up; i may loose you! 

first, the girls are growing and changing like weeds; there is too much to cover in one post!  jay got a new position and will be commuting to gulfport starting on monday...i am a bit nervous about the commute but i am sure it will all be fine.  there has been much prayer on the matter and i have a peace about the decision to stay put in mobile and for him to commute but still i am human so there are some jitters.  i am desperately trying to get the girls "fall wardrobe" sewn but it is still above 80 degrees here on most days so it seems somewhat futile to work on but the weather changes here on a dime so i am trying to get some pants and long sleeve options for the little darlings.  and last...i am all in on christmas jubilee decorations (i am not drowning but we aren't messing around anymore either).  so with all of that on top of just day to day life, there has been zero time to update this little blog of mine. 

that so only scratches the surface but my brain is too scattered to remember much else...the girls are LOVING the new mother's day out program they started in september.  hadley asks nearly every day if it is a school day and even audrey reaches for her teachers when i drop her off.  i am glad they have adjusted so well; i didn't expect less from hadley but audrey is still young enough to surprise me...which by the way

AUDREY WILL BE 1 IN LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!?!?!  does that leave you saying, "WHAT!?!" or is that just me?  so i have also been working on her birthday invitation which is really just for the old scrapbook when you only invite family but still she has to have one.  oh and by the way we have been potty training since the beginning of august and had a pretty frustrating setback that we just put our finger on earlier in the week so that has been a source of the lack of free time in this house. 

anyway...i'll see what i can do about keeping everyone in the loop a bit better over the next month but i make no promises.  happy fall to everyone!  hope you are having more "fall" like weather than we are here in mobile!  i still have beach pictures and what not to put up so maybe i can find a little time soon...

and a very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet sister in law!  welcome to your 30's!  it is a truly great place to be.  we love you very much and hope to see you soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

in the kitchen

hadley played in the "tupperware" cabinet of my kitchen but why would audrey bother to mess with that when she has their entire kitchen to raid!?!?!  oh what fun she has!
and yes that is a pink kitchen in the corner of my dining room; right next to the silk do what you have to do!  the girls absolutely love it!  the other morning, hadley was dipping a tablespoon into a bundt cake pan and then "sprinkling" that over two bowls of food.  when i asked what she was doing she told me she was silly of me to wonder.  i wish i had room for them to really have a whole "house" set up...maybe one day. 
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Friday, September 24, 2010

the beach trip!

life has been crazy and it seems like this beach trip was months ago when in reality it was not even 2 weeks ago!  it was so very nice to get away from things with jay and these precious munchkins (or as hadley would say "sweet girls")!  i wish we could all just leave life more often but then i guess it wouldn't be life then would it? 

the girls had an absolute BLAST!  hadley woke up every morning and from every nap asking to "go in water".  of course her poor skin paid a small price with some eczema break outs but she is working on recovering..  audrey was a big fan of the pool and even the ocean but the beach (as you will see) was not necessarily her cup of tea.



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